Can i get refund?
  • Any unredeemed, unprinted myspadeal coupon may be returned for a refund within the first 3 days after purchase
  • After 3 days, all sales are final, but you can always give your myspadeal coupon to a friend or family member to use instead (unless the Fine Print specifies otherwise)
  • Your myspadeal coupon is always worth at least the amount you paid for it – even if the promotional value has expired
I can't get in touch with spa

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach a business shortly after they’re featured. Make sure you’re using the contact information listed in the redemption instructions listed on your myspadeal voucher. If you’ve confirmed that you’re using the right contact information and you still can’t reach the business, we’d love to help you get in touch. Please log in to your myspadeal account, select the relevant order, and click “Continue.” To help us expedite your request, please have the email address you used to make this purchase and the phone number where you’d like to be reached ready when you speak to a customer support representative.

Trouble using redemption code


  • Try copying and pasting the code directly from your voucher to avoid any typing mistakes.
  • Make sure you are entering the code in the field on the business’ site where the instructions specify.
  • It may be easier to enter the redemption code on some merchant’s site using a computer instead of a mobile device.
  • If you have trouble using a redemption code, please contact the business directly. Contact info can be found on your voucher.