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The internet has a mind-boggling array of websites owned by individual spas. One might get confused as to which spa is the most suitable for one’s own need. myspadeal will not only save you a tonne of money, it will also free you from the tiring chore of signing up individually for each spa deal online at spas’ individual websites.

Myspadeal is a one-stop-shop for all your spa needs. When you become a member with myspadeal, it gives you at one place, thousands of spa deals from across the country. Our preferred spa partners are present in cities throughout India. We carefully select our spa partners on the basis of their service standards and type of products used.

With myspadeal’s two-tier membership, you can choose how many spa services you want to avail according to your budget and requirements. Once you become a member, you can redeem your preferred service at any of our empanelled spas. Additionally, the membership program gives you access to attractive discounts on all our spa products.

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